Obscure Store Consignee Agreement


This agreement is to ensure all Obscure sellers are following our terms, conditions, and processes for our consignment service.

To use our services, you must agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document. You must not access or use any of our services if you do not agree or understand. If you do not understand please contact us before using our services. By continuing to use our services you therefore agree to all of our terms and conditions in full.

Agreement Terms and Conditions

  • Obscure only accepts brand new and authentic items in their original, un-damaged packaging for consignment. Any items received that do not meet these expectations will be sent back to the consignee at their expense.
  • Any consigned items that have failed our authentication and quality checks will be abandoned if; the consignee fails to pay any associated return shipping costs within a 2-week period.
  • Obscure is not liable for any items shipped to us where; the consignee has provided their own shipping label or; has failed to use appropriate shipping practices.
  • Obscure will apply its best efforts to maintain the condition of consigned items and the relationships with the respected consignor. Obscure is not responsible for: Any form of damage made during the selling process of the consigned item. This includes the yellowing, glossing of materials due to any form of chemical aging, oxidation, or any other aging process.
  • In the event that consigned items become damaged as a result of entering into consignment at Obscure, it will be up to Obscure’s sole discretion to subsidize the value of the item fully or partially to the consignor. Obscure will work with the consignor to attempt to reimburse the owner.
  • The consignor hereby permits Obscure to sell items on the consignor's behalf on our web page https://www.obscurestore.com.au.
  • All payouts earned by consignors will be paid out via bank transfer to the consignor’s bank account or associated PayPal email address. Payouts via any other payment method is not permitted, this includes cash payments.
  • When removing an item from consignment, the consignor must pay the return shipping fee for any items, this is not valid for consignors in our off-site selling program. Consignment removal requests must be sent via email. Obscure Store will only send items to the postal address provided on your account.
  • Obscure Store has a strict policy on consignors we believe have intentionally sent a non-authentic item. Each consignor will be given 1 chance. Where we believe a consignor has intentionally brought in a non-authentic item for the second time, Obscure Store reserves the right to remove all consigned items linked to the consignor and any ability for the consignor to consign in the future.
  • The consignee is required to check the quality of all items before shipping to us. This includes manufacture’s flaws, box condition, or signs of wear. Obscure reserves the right to refuse or turn away any item that does not meet our quality standards. This will incur a cost payable from the consignee.
  • The consignee is required to ship their consigned or stored items to Obscure using appropriate shipping practices. Please ensure you ship all items double boxed, any damaged items shipped with satchels may be refused.
  • The consignor confirms that all information provided to Obscure is true and correct. In the event that incorrect bank details were entered leading to a payout to an account that does not belong to the consignor, Obscure is not responsible for any resulting monetary loss.